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You can't get anywhere without a plan, especially for something as complex as employer sponsored health care.  With our guidance, you will discover "what's possible" and define an ideal future state for health care at your company.  We will develop a plan for your future and stay involved as an accountable partner that makes sure that the plan stays on track.  You’ll achieve optimal results with ET sitting on your side of the table!


Health care costs have a huge impact on every business, so it’s crucial that the benefit of your investment is clearly understood and appreciated by all. Leaders should understand how things will work and that they need employee support to be most successful. Employees need to be engaged to help fight costs on the front lines. With our help, you’ll get through to both audiences and have a winning health care strategy!


There is an overabundance of health care data, so how do you distinguish between “what’s important” or just “nice to know”?  We take the guesswork out of this by defining the most important progress measures as we are developing your strategic plan.  And we monitor these key metrics for you in a custom scorecard to make sure you have your eye on the ball at all times. You’ll have more confidence and make better decisions with our support! 

Find out "what's possible" with ET on your side!

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