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We live in an era of radical change in health care.  Provider delivery systems are being modernized.  Insurance financing mechanisms are being reinvented.  Regulatory compliance has become more onerous and is in a constant state of flux. The old school players (brokers, insurance companies, health care providers) are jockeying for position, but are they really interested in fundamentally changing the landscape? Many seem happy to pass the buck (literally) so they can continue eating from the employer funded pie.  


We believe that employers deserve something MORE!

What’s MORE?  It’s always fighting for the "m"ost "o"ptimal "r"esult for the "e"mployer. We are 100% fee based so there’s never a question about where our loyalties lie.   We put our decades of experience on your side of the table to help you achieve MORE!

Our services are always available on a pay for performance basis and we expect similar alignment throughout the financing continuum with:​

  • providers that are accountable for delivering cost efficient, quality care

  • insurers that provide fair risk transfer costs and superior claims management service

  • brokers that perform unbiased marketing and advocacy for their employer clients. ​

We help you level the playing field and optimize these important resources making sure they are aligned with your right to something MORE. It begins with education on "what's possible" and market innovations that create real change in health care. It ends with better health for their people and improved bottom line health for their organization.

Want more from your healthcare investment?

Contact us to learn MORE.  We think you'll be enlightened!

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