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Our Leadership
Anthony Fioretti, Senior Advisor 

Phone: 414-704-4172

Helping companies deliver better AND lower cost health care to their people!

Anthony Fioretti is the founder and leader of the ET consulting practice.

His career started with a national health insurance company and after 12 years he opened the Milwaukee benefits consulting practice for the world's largest insurance brokerage firm.  Over the next two decades, Anthony helped several major consulting organizations establish and strengthen their local practices, while serving as strategic advisor to many of Wisconsin’s most innovative businesses.  As the major provisions of the ACA took effect in 2014, it became clear that employers needed something more to gain control over a broken system that was feeding itself using their money. 
With this as the backdrop, ET was reborn with a new mission to create healthier companies and bring them more! Click here to see how our affordable and flexible strategic service model has helped others gain control over the health care system.
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