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Enlightened Thinking

ET’s strategic process is defined by enlightened thinking and dreaming big!  From the outset, we will engage your leaders in open-minded dialogue about what the ideal future state of health care might look like at your organization.  This “what’s possible” approach allows us to reach farther and achieve better, faster results for you and your employees.

Encouraging you to think big is really just the beginning. We will work hard to understand the intimate details of your current health care situation, while also learning as much as possible about what makes your organization tick!  From there, we’ll develop a customized strategic plan incorporating your vision, key progress measures and a multi-year tactical playbook outlining the path from your current to future state. 

But our job doesn’t end when the plan is completed! We remain an accountable member of your team responsible for keeping the game plan alive and on track on an ongoing basis. We also help you hold the traditional supporting players accountable for delivering on their commitments within your plan. The result is higher performance across the board and a faster track to your ideal state!


If you want a different result, you have to do something different!  Try our different and proven approach.

We guarantee that it will work for you!

Want a no cost assessment of your situation?

Contact us to learn MORE.  We think you'll be enlightened!

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