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ET's sole objective is to achieve the "m"ost "o"ptimal "r"esult for the "e"mployer!  Our recommendations and views are never clouded by outside influences as we do not accept insurance company commissions or incentive payments.  See below for a sampling of client projects and results from our unique collaborative consulting model.
  • Supported successful labor contract negotiations with strategic planning, benefits redesign and employee education services that produced more than $750k in savings annually for a plastic products manufacturer.
  • Strengthened the consumer-directed health care strategy for a printing industry client to integrate value-based purchasing that resulted in lower costs, better benefits and an improved performance management process.    
  • Introduced interactive decision support tools for employees for a variety of clients (schools, manufacturers, service industry, technology providers, non-profit organizations). Employees were able to "personalize" their benefits, while their employers reduced cost and excise tax exposure and saved time for staff and HR in the process. 
  • Provided education to school board and staff committees, while overseeing broker/carrier renewal activities resulting in premium reductions with no change to plan design, employee contributions or insurance vendors.
  • Arranged a fully transparent, reverse auction style RFP for prescription benefit management (PBM) services that resulted in $200k+ (8%) in annual savings for a manufacturing firm from the incumbent provider.  
  • Orchestrated broker service RFPs including candidate interviews, questionnaire scoring and final broker selection for clients in diverse industries including retail grocery, public school districts, professional services and manufacturing firms. 
Find out "what's possible" when ET sits on your side of the table.  We consistently produce results and will guarantee it!
Need help getting healthcare under control?

Find out "what's possible" when ET sits on your side of the table! Contact us to learn MORE.

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