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Engaged Transformation

A natural byproduct from the strategic process is capturing the “why“ behind your health care strategy.  But great communication is more than simply imparting thoughts, words or information.  Great communication moves employees to action and this only happens when the message connects emotionally in their hearts.   


It should be easy, because benefits are all about caring for employee well-being – right??  But benefits jargon and legalese create confusion that often takes the heart out of the message.  ET’s creative team will make sure that “you care” gets heard by your employees.  After all, that’s what drives employee engagement. And employee engagement is always a winning strategy!


Let us help you transform your messaging to inspire employees to fight the health care cost battle with you! When they win, you win…and we will show them how to win!

Want to see how we drive engagement?

Click here for tips on how to make your communications better!

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